Ganba no Bouken Episodes 25 & 26 END

We have at last reached the end of our very first adventure. After over a year, our Ganba no Bouken fan translation project is completed.
The complete series is now available as a batch featuring a new, lighter encode, directly from BluRay.
We would like to thank all group members for their hard work in this project and you for sticking with us until the end.

Please look forward to more releases from our other ongoing as well as upcoming projects.

Episode 25
Episode 26
Subtitles Only

10 thoughts on “Ganba no Bouken Episodes 25 & 26 END

  1. I can hardly believe that all 26 episodes of Ganba are finally available with subtitles! Thanks to everyone involved for subtitling this classic series.


  2. Great job! Would it be possible to upload the subs separately so we can remux them on our own? Don’t really wanna archive AAC.



  3. Thank you SOOOO much for subbing Gamba! I’ve been looking for a subbed version forever! Are you planning on subbing the ‘Gamba and the Otters’ movie as well? Also, if it pleases, here’s a link to my own fan subbing of the 2015 Gamba CG film if you’d like to see.

    Thanks again!


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